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"Change is the only permanent thing."
John P. Kotter

Raised in Ottawa as the daughter of a German mother and an Indian father, I have been familiar with lingual and intercultural diversity since my childhood and this is something which has continued to accompany me in adult life. After graduating with a teaching degree from a German university, I went on to specialise in adult education and have since gained long-standing professional experience in this field.

In 1999, I started working freelance as a trainer and went on to set up my Berlin company CLS in 2003. My clients include international companies and agencies from very different areas of business, for example, services, transport, logistics, law and the media.

In 2008, I successfully completed a program of studies at the Humboldt University's artop Institute in Berlin, becoming an accredited Trainer and Coach for Cross-Cultural Competence.

The range of services I offer includes interactive training to hone your presentation skills in English and coaching to heighten your sensibility and improve your soft skills, making it easier for you to work within an intercultural context. I also offer my clients support in improving their powers of persuasion in a foreign language and help them build upon and expand their intercultural capabilities.

As the Managing Director of CLS, I work together with a small team of experienced trainers, translators and proofreaders. A pleasure in offering service, mutual appreciation and respect, as well as an interest in intercultural communication are the foundations of our successful work together.